People join our practice for a multitude of reasons:  A client of ours refers them; they recently moved here and like something their co-worker said about how we treated them; it’s been awhile since they’ve seen a dentist and they want a dental exam and their teeth cleaned; their dentist is retiring or moving and they need a new dentist; or they have a problem which is urgent and needs immediate attention.  These are the types of concerns a client wants resolved quickly.  We can certainly help in addressing those needs in a timely manner. 

But there are also those who, while fitting into the above group, have given serious thought to their dental health in relation to their overall health and instinctively know – there has to be a better way.  Or, there are others who, disillusioned with their previous dental experiences, have a history of repeated failures.  They are looking for change.  They want a different experience and approach to their dental problems.  We are that difference.
Together with the dental team at Living Wellness Dental Dorchester, patients can work with Drs. Kindal Robertson, David and Cameron MacLean to co-create a plan that works for you and fits into your life (after all, we know that dentistry may or may not be one of the highest rated priorities on your list).  This meeting allows you to gain a greater understanding of “whys” of dental issues so you can know your options and consequences in any decisions you may have to make over the long term to optimize your dental health.

Optimal dental health is available to you.  We provide you with our time and knowledge to make it so.

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