Dorchester Health Centre began in 1983 as a dream of two young dentists charged with a vision of providing  exceptional dentistry with a focus on overall health, rather than the traditional disease oriented model.  They wanted to make a difference to you, the client.

For the doctors, their model of health has become no longer just an absence of disease or injury, but is founded on the understanding that there is a strong connection between the mouth and whole person health and through their work they have come to realize that health is attained by intention, not by accident.

Their mission has taken them on a journey of discovery and exploration into what health and wellness really mean.  It has lead them into the realm of holistic health with a view to a “biologic”  approach to dentistry where they have learned about and come to terms with the challenges of bio-compatible dental restorations and the safest methods of removing toxic materials such as mercury from the mouth.

It has also led them to the philosophy of a “systems approach” to the restoration of the mouth.  They know that it is critical to understand the chewing system as a whole and that it is not simply the sum of all its components.  This study has taught them about why the structures of the mouth so often continue to deteriorate as you age, even when you maintain regular preventive care.  They have learned how to address the cause of your dental problems and not simply treat your symptoms.  Most importantly, by applying the principles of nature’s design, they are able to address this widespread problem and create lasting natural beauty.

In addition, they have come to understand that providing optimal health care is based upon the building of trusting relationships.  Their belief is that each of you should be free to choose from a selection of options that reflect the timing, values, and responsibilities present in your life.  They begin this process by taking the time to fully explore your health issues and concerns.