Mercury is widely known as a toxin and is prevalent in most amalgam (silver) fillings. In September of 2020, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) issued a statement recommending that non-mercury restorations be used when possible in people who may be at higher risk for adverse health effects from mercury exposure. Many clients come for consultations to Living Wellness Dental Dorchester to learn about biocompatible options for treatment of tooth decay. Drs. Robertson, MacLean, and MacLean are dedicated to providing safe biological services to new and existing clients. This includes safe amalgam removal and the replacement of these fillings with a mercury-safe dentist.

How is safe amalgam removal done?

There is a group of physicians, dentists, and research scientists who have developed the standards of care (SMART Procedures) for removing dental fillings including mercury. Their web address is

At Living Wellness Dental Dorchester we utilize SMART Procedures and certain protocols when dealing with silver amalgam fillings to ensure the health of the client and our valued team. This includes a focus on:

  • Removing fillings in pieces to reduce mercury exposure
  • Using filtration systems in our dental rooms
  • Protecting both patient and staff
  • Using proper removal and disposal techniques to reduce pollution

Clients interested in treating tooth decay or replacing amalgams with a more biocompatible material such as composite resin bonding are encouraged to speak to the team at Living Wellness Dental Dorchester in Calgary, AB. By safely removing these fillings in an environment prepared accordingly, patients can have these unsightly and harmful restorations removed and replaced in a single appointment.

Following SMART protocols, we can easily remove old amalgam fillings and prepare the teeth to place more aesthetic alternatives, which are used in many areas of dentistry and continue to be an affordable and beautiful compromise.

Please schedule an appointment with our team to learn about replacing silver fillings and safe amalgam removal

Drs. Robertson, MacLean, and MacLean are dedicated to providing effective and safe solutions for patients ready to rid their bodies of toxic materials. If you are seeking mercury safe dentists in the community of Calgary, AB, look no further than the dedicated staff at Living Wellness Dental Dorchester. Call our facility at (587) 327-1500 to make an appointment.

Dr. Kindal Robertson, D.D.S.

Dr. Kindal

Dr. Keely Bullen, D.M.D.

Dr. Keely

We are immensely proud of our Living Wellness Dental Dorchester staff. We're all here to provide great dentistry with an emphasis on total health, as opposed to the typical disease-oriented, reactionary philosophy.

This proactive paradigm is based on the notion that there is a significant link between oral health and overall health, which has led our practice into the area of holistic care and a "biologic" perspective to dentistry.

Our first objective is to guarantee that you are at ease and confident in our knowledge and expertise. Our committed, courteous, and experienced team of physicians, which includes Drs. Kindal Robertson, D.D.S., and Dr. Keely Bullen D.M.D., is happy to help you with all of your oral health needs.