Benefits of all-ceramic restorations: 

Ceramic Crowns, Cerec Crowns

No metal, highly bio-compatible.
Superior esthetic result when compared to traditional crowns.
More conservative preparations (less removal of natural tooth) and only one office visit is required.

Sometimes if a tooth is damaged or is of poor quality due to a previous filling, a new ceramic restoration could be the best choice.  It provides a natural-looking tooth – difficult to tell from the real thing.

Ceramic crown

The all-ceramic restoration has many advantages over a traditional crown.  Besides its high esthetic quality, the function and longevity of the restoration is excellent as well. This is an ideal restoration for clients who want to eliminate any metal in the mouth.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

An “old-school” alternative to an all-ceramic restoration:  A porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM).

The PFM crown consists of a metal core that has porcelain baked on to it.  A PFM crown has been a typical solution even though function and costs are comparative to that of a ceramic crown.   However, it requires the removal of more tooth structure and traditionally has been the only solution for molar teeth in those who have a “funky” bite.