Concerned about the comfort side of the process of implant surgery?

From our experience we know there are many people living below their potential – they are living a life of quiet desperation – because of their teeth. They’re embarrassed or they’re in pain, they don’t like to smile, they don’t like to be social – they really aren’t living.  This usually happens because of fear.  And it doesn’t  have to be that way.

Our vision is to help empower people to make choices that are right for them, and that takes away their fear. We want to give people their lives back and the way we do this is by providing a safe, pain-free experience that alleviates their stress and allows them to get the smile they’ve always wanted- so they can be who they were meant to be. Feedback from those who have had implants placed has generally been one of surprise at how little pain or discomfort they experienced both during and after the surgery compared to what they thought it would be.

However, for some people, fear of being unable to cope with the pain or discomfort they imagine they might experience is a barrier to moving ahead.  For others, perhaps they have always been nervous in the dental chair.

We offer the choice of oral conscious sedation to all our implant patients.  Although still awake during implant placement, the medication has the effect of making time seem to go by quicker, memory of the event seem fuzzier and what’s happening doesn’t seem to be such a big deal after all.

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