Published studies and results continue to be diverse when it comes to determining the health benefits of root canals. At Living Wellness Dental Dorchester, we apply the precautionary principle and avoid performing these procedures. There are many reasons why we choose to do so. Calgary, AB area clients who learn about the risks of root canal toxicity routinely benefit from alternative treatments designed to avoid causing unintended harm to their oral and overall wellness.

Are root canals toxic to the body?

The reality is, that we really don’t know. Instead of providing root canal therapies, we may remove the tooth from the start to avoid causing an unwanted infection within the smile. We strongly encourage clients to research the potential risks related to root canal treatments and how they may impact their overall oral health.

Is there an alternative?

The only alternative to root canal therapy is the removal of the natural tooth. We want to avoid this at all costs, which is why we educate patients on biological preventative measures to care for their smiles. These oral care procedures are designed to reduce the risks that can contribute to the formation of a problem that may require root canal therapy. Routine dental visits at least every six months are vital to ensuring continued oral health and wellness, as our team can monitor for signs of decay or infection that may impact the smile.

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