Implant Retained Lower Denture 

Having dental implants to anchor your denture gives you:

Implant Retained Lower Denture
  •  New strength and stability which allows you to eat whatever you desire.
  •  The preservation of  your facial appearance.
  •  Prevention of bone loss. 

The implants are placed in a single session.  At that point, the implants will not be attached to your denture, as they need some time to integrate with your jaw bone.  You will wear your denture as before so it is still possible for you to chew normally, almost immediately after leaving the dental office.  Normally somewhere between 2-4 months after implant placement your denturist will convert your denture to allow for it to “click” onto your implants.

Your implant retained denture will be much more secure and give you greater chewing capacity.  You will have a stable and secure solution that allows you choose food selections previously not possible due to missing teeth or a loose, sloppy denture.